Our Top 9 Superminis of 2017. So far...

After a glut of new superminis hitting showrooms already in 2017, we take a look at our favourites

Surely 2017 will go down in the annals as the year of the supermini.

Most of the big players all have new models, while the reinvention of cars like the Citroen C3 and Nissan Micra now give even more choice in this competitive sector.

In reserve order, we rank the top nine superminis we've tested in the past year:

No.9 - Suzuki Baleno

Very spacious, good ride, well-priced and plenty of safety kit. The hybrid option is a bonus.


No. 8 - Citroen C3

The best choice for a comfy ride, funky looks and plenty of individualisation.


No.7 - Suzuki Swift

Affordable supermini is fun to drive and gets plenty of safety kit.


No.6 - Kia Rio

New look and interior. It's good in most areas and gets a long warranty.


No. 5 - Nissan Micra

The best of the rest is the reinvented Micra with modern good looks and plenty of new tech.


No.4 - Skoda Fabia

Now getting long in the tooth but still a brilliant all-rounder. Spacious and easy to drive.


No. 3 - Hyundai i20

Great to drive, well-made and spacious but lacks interior design flair.


No.2 - Ford Fiesta

The all-new model is more refined and grown-up than ever before. Just edged into second place.


No.1 - SEAT Ibiza

Impressive fifth-generation of the Spanish supermini shoots to the top of the class.


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