Vauxhall Ampera-e electric gets Paris debut

The Ampera-e electric five-door crossover was unveiled at the Paris Motor Show ahead of a 2017 European launch

Opel Ampera-e

Opel, Vauxhall’s European counterpart unveiled the Ampera-e electric vehicle at the Paris Motor Show.

The manufacturer claims that the Ampera-e will have a class-leading range of 250miles between recharges, going on to state that even in real world conditions, it should achieve 185 miles of range.


Featuring 10 batteries with 60kWh of capacity, the Ampera-e measures in at 4.17m long, seats five and has 381-litres of boot capacity.

Opel Ampera-e - rear

It’ll develop 266lb ft of torque and the equivalent power of 201bhp, meaning swift acceleration as 0-30mph will take just 3.2 seconds, while 50-75mph will take 4.5 seconds. The top speed however, has been limited to 93mph, to save range.

The Ampera-e is designed to recharge on the move, with a little driver assistance, through brake energy recuperation, the motor doubling up as a generator and the driver doing their part by switching on ‘Regen on Demand’ which maximises energy regeneration.

The Mokka-sized five-door crossover is initially set for the European market and will be sold exclusively in left-hand-drive. However, Vauxhall has begun a programme of UK testing, leading to suggestions it may not be long until it is sold in the UK.

Opel Ampera-e - range chart

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